We offer, depending on the specific situation and client demands :
- Standard solar kits, at an interesting price thanks to large volume production
- Tailor made systems, including panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters and accessories.


We offer a comprehensive service for the client encompassing engineering, procurement of materials, installation, training and maintenance. By taking an operation and maintenance contract, the customer is assured of the best possible operation of his energy system.


Our clients are individual households, companies and other organizations that:

  • Are not linked to the electrical grid and that are looking for self-sufficiency in the availability of electrical power, while decreasing their dependence on fossil fuels (for financial and/or environmental reasons);
  • Are linked to an often failing electrical grid and that are looking for continuity in the availability of electrical power.


The site survey allows us to understand our client’s power requirements, as well as the possibilities offered by the project site (size, orientation, shading…). In the basic engineering phase, different options are explored to come to the best-suited system to address the client’s request. After receiving the client’s approval for the project, the project is prepared in full detail and complete technical project documentation is drafted. This serves as the basis for the sourcing of all components and the on-site installation. Once the system is fully operational, it is handed over to the client with a training tailored to the installed system. Regular maintenance ensures the smooth operation of the system over its complete lifecycle. Upon request, a monitoring device can be installed to allow the user and/or NGUVU UTILITIES to follow up system performance.

Our solar projects are all about ease of mind: sit back, let the sun shine and enjoy the electrical power.


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